Belvoir Rug Company

Belvoir Rug Company

The Belvoir Rug Company design, develop and produce products for Ponies, Horses and Dogs in Nylon Lycra, the stretchy stuff that Swimwear is made from.

We have developed a range of products designed to keep your animal clean. We produce Horse and Pony Honsies and Show Hoods to keep your horse clean prior to competition, to help cool down your horse after competition, to keep sweet-itch at bay and to use as a second skin in the winter to help keep your horse warm, and also to help keep your outer or stable rugs free from coat oils.

Our Dog Onesies are great for dirty dogs who get filthy on walks and when you don’t want to bring the dirt from the walk home with you. You can also use them to prevent hair shedding around the house, for anxious dogs who are of a nervous disposition or for dogs that have recently been to the Vet for an operation.

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