Dog Covers

Dog Onesie

Launched in 2017, our Dog-Onesie has become a huge success. Driven by the successes delivered by our Honsies and Show Hoods, many Equine users asked us to develop a product for their smaller four legged friends, taking the task on was not a simple one, 4 sizes ended up being 9 sizes, but we got there. Perfect for keeping your dog clean on a walk, your car clean after a walk, your house clean from shedding hair or post surgery, the dog onesie has many uses for you and your dog.

Following great feedback from our Dog owning customers we have begun to re-develop the Dog-Onesie and this will launch in 2021. The success of the product has been phenomenal, and we are really excited about the launch of the new and improved product. We are currently out of stock of the original Dog Onesie and do not plan on producing any more of this model. Watch this space in 2021 for further updates.