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Dog Covers from the Belvoir Rug Company


The home of Covers for our Canine friends is found here. Whether your four legged friend is a Show Dog, Working Dog, loving companion or just the loyal pooch which wanders around your house causing mayhem at every turn, we have a product for them to help them stay clean, dry or in perfect condition when outside, and maybe even indoors to help keep your house clean. Our Dog-Onesie is the all in one product that really does the job when it comes to keeping clean, it even comes in pink, and prints for little dogs !

The Dog Onesie

The Dog-Onesie is our new all in one dog cover. It is perfect for mud plugging dogs who just love to get filthy, wet, muddy, or just love to roll in Fox, Horse or Cow poo.
Made in a Nylon Lycra combination fabric, and utilising Xtra-Life Lycra technology for durability and longer life, the Dog-Onesie covers the full body, legs and tummy area and gives access for toileting for both Boys and Girls without having to remove the Dog-Onesie.
Available in a number of colour options, including some extra colours and prints for smaller dogs, and available in sizes from Extra Small to 2 Extra Large.

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Fleece Dog Covers

Our Fleece Dog Covers are produced in Anti-Pil Polar Fleece and are perfect for keeping your dog warm on those cold winter days, or early mornings in Spring and Autumn.
Available in a wide selection of colours, and in sizes from and Extra Small to 2xExtra Large, the Dog Fleece have a hook and loop fastening on the chest area and a tummy strap and leg loops to hold firmly in place. The next has a double fold to keep your dog extra warm.

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Waterproof Dog Covers

The Waterproof Dog Cover is made from a medium weight soft Waterproof Nylon facric, and is bound around the body in a contrast binding. The product has a hook and loop fastening at the chest and has an under tummy strap and leg loops to hold the cover firmly in place, it is perfect for walking your dog on those rainy days, when you know you will get soaked through.
Available in a selection of colours and in sizes from Extra Small to 2xExtra Large.

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Fleece Lined Waterproof Dog Covers

Our Fleece and Waterproof Combination covers are produced in our Waterproof fabric with a Fleece lining, perfect for wintery days when it is great to keep your dog both dry and warm. Developed using the same patterns as the standard Waterproof and Fleece products, the Combination cover comes in an array of contrast colours, and has the same under tummy strap and hook and loop fastening system. Available in sizes Extra Small to 2xExtra Large

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Walker Wear

Taking your wonderful four legged friend out for a walk on a cold windy day doesn’t seem to have the same appeal as on a warm sunny day. You dress your hound up in their Dog-Onesie, Fleece or Waterproof cover, but what about you? what about your hair? and how can you keep warm. The answer is here, a headband.

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