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Have you missed us? Why we are attending less events in 2018

Have you wondered why you have seen less of our tradestand in 2018?

A few of our regular customers have asked this question so we thought we would explain why. In 2017 we attended and took our trade stand to 32 events between April and December, which was fantastic for us, we met hundreds, if not thousands of existing and potential new customers. This gave us a great opportunity to talk to you all directly, find out what you thought to our products and helped us to understand how better we could make our products as accessible as possible to loyal customers.

In July 2017, we signed a Distribution Agreement with one of the 2 largest Equestrian wholesalers in the UK to sell our product range to their wide selection of retailers. Battle, Hayward and Bower (Or Battles as they are more affectionally known) have been selling our Honsies, Show Hoods, Dog Onesies and our George and Dotty range to their retailer partners since then.

As a brand, we are really pleased with the work that they have done for us, and this has led to our products being stocked in many retailers across the country, as well as some of the well known mobile trade exhibitors that regularly attend events.

We felt that in 2018 we did not want to compete directly with our stockists at events and took the decision to be present at less Shows in 2018 in order to allow our partner retailers to sell their stock, and to allow our Distribution partner a good opportunity to spread the availability of our products wider, making our products more accessible to our customers, allowing them to buy Belvoir Rug products when and where they expect to find them, in their local retailers. For those customers who did not have a local stockist we also partnered with a number of on-line retailers for ease of purchasing, as well as maintaining our own web-site.

This has proved to be a very commercially sound decision, and we believe that we have now got the mix of sales about right.

We are still attending some events, usually where we will be a sponsor of some form, or where we are expected to be. You will be able to find our own trade stand at the events listed on our website, we also list our stockists when we are asked to do so to help our customers find the local retailers that stock our products. We are always available if you need to speak to us, by email, Facebook or Twitter, or even by the old fashioned Telephone if you need us, and if you have a local retailer that you believe should be stocking our products, please let us know.