Flora Young

Flora Young

Hi I’m Flora Young a 23 year old advanced eventer and showjumper based at North Lodge in the stunning Vale of Belvoir. I started my working career at the age of 16, for Olympic eventer Tiny Clapham and International Dressage Coach and Judge, Andrew Fletcher learning to produce a wide variety of horses.

I have amazing facilities at North Lodge including gallops, arenas, SPA facilities with the added bonus that my landlord is a former Badminton competitor and racehorse trainer and my landlady is the highly knowledgeable and ex Eventer Antonia Bealby of Equine Athletes Veterinary Physio – helping to maintain all my horses and keeping us on all track.

I train regularly with International Dressage Coach Tracy Woodhead and former Olympic showjumper Malcolm Pyrah and his wife Judy.

So the 2018 season…

This year I have a horse I firmly believe has what it takes to get us to 3* – it’s just a matter of getting qualifying runs under our belts, Doctors Orders is a quirky ride, but bags of talent if nurtured correctly. We kicked off the season going from Novice to CIC2* in literally a matter of weeks – dodging the horrendous weather with a fantastic Clear cross country around her first CIC2* at Belton International moving up 28 places.

We will hopefully progress through the rounds with our sights set on competing in the 3* at Blenheim Palace International at the end of the season. I know she’s got every capability and is so brave cross country, but if I don’t think she’s ready I will wait. Exciting times ahead and certainly one to watch. Dolly the flag bearer for Flora Young Eventing!

Whilst 6yr old Savi Rose (Lady) who I co-own with Chris Ashby and my staff, she is certainly showing some class. Showjumping during the winter, she is maturing nicely into the horse I always knew she could be. Having taken her training very slowly it’s only now I feel we have what it takes to take the next step. I intend to start her at a few unaffiliated events before taking her Novice. I hope she will move up to Novice quickly as I have my eyes on the 6yr old Championships at Osberton. She will do more showjumping in between events so she can earn her keep!

Austin Powers (Project Austin) owned by Antonia Bealby an equine physiotherapist (Equine Athletes Veterinary Physiotherapist) we will continue where he left off at the end of last season with BE100 and hopefully Novice/1* but we have always agreed that we will proceed at Austins pace. Austin kicked the season off with a win at Osberton on a 24 Dressage.

5 yr old Billy Maple owned by equine physiotherapist, Antonia Bealby and my brand and marketing consultant Susannah Joy. Maple is super exciting! She will be aimed at some nice unaffiliated events alongside Showjumping through the year, having plenty of breaks along the way.

5yr old Quiet Approach (Max) ex -racehorse who is syndicated by Sharon Gregory, Max is finally figuring out which direction his four legs need to go in! I’m really encouraged by how his brain has changed during training over the winter. He is really beginning to strengthen up and looking like a very smart horse.

It is my intention that the younger less experienced horses will start in April with Austin and Lady entering low level BE events. Whilst Max and Maple will get some mileage under their belts doing unaffiliated events to learn about life without the pressure and some Showjumping. I am a strong believer of taking it slowly with the babies and I value the advice I get from my trainers who have exceptional experience. The babies will have plenty of time turned away to allow mind and body to relax when the ground gets harder, but the grass is up and the sun is out and for them to enjoy life being a young horse. Maybe a couple of BE at the end of the season if they are strong physically and how much they have learnt.

Finally, the next generation! 4-year-old Jack Sparrow and my new horse 4yr old Durga – her breeding is exceptional! Sire Parco, Grandsire Darco and Dam Sire Papillon Rouge – now that’s an impressive lineup! These two will have lots of holidays and won’t do much apart from hacking out and learn about life. They will come in when the 5yr olds are on a break and maybe an odd training show.

As I’ve said my philosophy is slow and steady. They won’t go in the arena much as I don’t want them to get stale and bored but to give them variety in whichever way I can.

As some of you may be aware, Ralph was out of action after Chatsworth last year. He is still recovering and will not compete this year I will take it very, very slowly as I do with any injured horse, so he has been out in a field all winter, trying to grow fur and a mane and failing miserably on both accounts!! He will come in April and spend 6 to 8 weeks walking which will not be enjoyable for me as he will undoubtedly try and spice things up for me! (Ralph can be very naughty when bored and entertains himself during these sessions by having me on the ground…frequently!) If all good, we will begin trot work for a long period and finally canter to see if the injury can stand up to more pressure. Ideally showjumping over the winter which is where he can tend to get a little anxious. All good prep for hopefully taking the world by storm again in 2019.