Horse and Pony Rugs

Belvoir Rug Company’s Products for Horses and Ponies

We have a wide selection of products for all horses and ponies, from our famous Honsie® Original and Honsie® Life, through to our Show Hoods and Half Bodies. Most of our products are available in both prints and plain colours.

The Honsie® Original

Our Honsie® Original is the same as the first range of Honsies that we produced. Made in Italian Nylon Lycra, the Honsie® is literally a Horse Onesie, a full face and body Horse and Pony cover. The Original range now only comes in printed styles as the plain colours have moved into the Honsie® Life area.

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The Honsie Life

The Honsie® Life is an extension to our now famous Honsie® range. By utilising state of the art fabric, we are able to offer a Nylon Lycra that utilises Xtra Life Lycra, an innovative elastic which is specially treated to be more resistant to products that will traditionally help basic Nylon Lycra to breakdown, sweat, creams and oils will help degrade Lycra, Xtra-Life Lycra will slow down this process and last upto 10 times longer than conventional Lycra.

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The Honsie Max

The Honsie® Max is a product specifically designed for Horses and Ponies which have been ridden hard in competition or have been heavily exercised. The fabric we use is a Meryl based fabric which has the properties of Moisture Management, in effect it will wick away sweat from the body, allowing the horse to dry, cool and yet still remain warm and clean.

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The Show Hood Original

The Show Hood Original is exactly the same product as we first launched in 2015, we have updated the fit to a more superior shape, yet retained the qualities of the existing product story, the only difference is that the plain styles have now joined the Show Hood Life sector, and the Show Hood Original styles are in printed fabrics only.

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The Show Hood Life

The Show Hood Life is a full face and chest cover for your Horse and Pony. Utilising a technical fabric which uses Xtra-Life Lycra technology, this product is 10 times more resistant to sweat, creams and oils than conventional Lycra based products, making it more durable and longer lasting.

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