Horse and Pony Rugs

Belvoir Rug Company’s Products for Horses and Ponies

We have a wide selection of products for all horses and ponies, from our famous Honsies and Snoods, through to our Exercise Sheets and Numnah’s. All of our products are available in both prints and plain colours.

We also offer customisation and bespoke products if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, these can be found on our Customisation page.

The Honsie®

The Honsie is literally our onesie for horses. The Honsie is made from high quality Nylon Lycra fabric, and is the perfect partner for keeping your horse clean after being prepared for an event, they are also great for protecting against midges, flies and the sun, as well as mud, dust and dirt. The fabric itself is breathable, so it helps regulate your horse’s temperature when outside in the sun.

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Honsie Horse Rug

The Snood

The Horse Snood is only for the coolest horses in town. Made from high quality polar fleece, the Snood is perfect for keeping a horse’s neck warm in the spring and winter, and can be used in connection with a stable or turnout rug. The internal lining prevents mane rub, and also helps  keep plaits in place if your horse is being prepared for an event the night before. Available in cool colours, formal colours and prints.

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Snood Horse Rug

The Show Hood

The Show Hood is a fantastic product for keeping your horse or pony clean and pristine prior to competition. The Show Hood will help keep your horse or pony clean after preparation. This head, neck and shoulders product will help keep your horse’s coat shiny and any plaits in place. Made from high quality nylon elastane fabric that stretches for ease of use. Available with or without zip.

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The Show Hood

The Half Body

The Half Body is a great product for keeping your horse or pony clean and pristine prior to competition, for keeping the chill off on the cool summer evenings, as an extra layer underneath stable rugs or as an accompaniment to our Show Hoods range, which can be used in conjunction to make a 2 piece Honsie.

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Half Body Cover