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Quality – When only the best will do


At the Belvoir Rug Company we are proud of what we do. We make our products for both the Belvoir Rug Company and George & Dotty in own productions units in the Vale of Belvoir, England. Our product ranges are designed, technically developed and made in our small warehouse/production unit in Bottesford, whilst our samples and technical support is managed in our offices in Whatton.

Our production team come from both the Swimwear world and also the Couture world, and have so many years worth of experience we wouldn’t have enough space to list it within this blog.

We make our products using the best quality components that we can afford within our product pricepoint. For example, we only use Nylon Lycra base fabric from Italy, a fabric that is also used by the vast majority of household name Swimwear Brands including Speedo. There are many product benefits that are achieved by using the fabric we use.

Our Tweed that is used within the George & Dotty range is produced in either Yorkshire or Scotland, and whilst our Faux Fur is not made in England, it is made in Europe and is a Certified Faux Fur, not one of the so called Faux Furs which is later found to be a real fur.

By building relationships with our suppliers we tend to be able to find out about new innovations before they become generally available. We have a new fabric launching in 2018, one which is environmentally Green and is developed and produced using re-cycled materials.

We are also proud to only use branded Lycra fibres. Invista, the owners of the Lycra Brand are celebrating the 60th Birthday of Lycra in 2018. DuPont Chemist Dr Joseph C. Shivers invented the worlds best known Elastic Fibre in 1958, changing clothes and the way we wear them forever.

Originally invented to replace rubber threads that caused ladies’ foundation garments to lose their shape and fit over time, and made them hot and uncomfortable to wear, LYCRA® fiber outperformed the natural fiber it replaced by adding lasting comfort, fit and the ability to move freely.

It quickly became apparent that LYCRA® fiber had the power to transform other types of women’s clothing and menswear too. Today, this nearly invisible fiber can be found in virtually every apparel segment, including lingerie, underwear, denim, activewear, hosiery, socks, swimwear, and ready-to-wear apparel. It has also been the catalyst for the development of new multi-billion-dollar segments across shapewear, stretch denim, compression sportswear and athleisure apparel.

What began six decades ago as a single elastic fibre renowned for its ability to stretch and snap back to its original shape, time after time and wash after wash, has evolved into a portfolio of over 200 differentiated fibres designed to meet a wide variety of consumer needs. Each one is engineered to improve fabric aesthetics and add lasting performance benefits that continue to drive sales for leading apparel brands and retailers around the globe.

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