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About Us and What We Do
Brand Ambassadors

Sponsorship & Ambassadors

Sponsorship and Ambassadors

We regularly receive messages from riders, clubs and charities requesting support or sponsorship. Whilst we would love to support everyone, we sadly can’t.
Should you like to approach us for Sponsorship we will only accept requests where there is a tangible benefit for the sport, or riders involved with the sport. Please feel free to apply to us using the Charity Sponsorship form below, we treat every application on its own merit. Please don’t be offended if we are unable to help you, we only have a limited budget and have to spend it very carefully.
Riders also often approach us to be Brand Ambassadors. We support a small number of Brand Ambassadors each season, these are usually selected in October/November for the following year. We do not offer cash sponsorship, we only gift product to help and support our riders. Competition is very tough, but please feel free to complete the Ambassador Request form below and we will consider your application at our next selection point. We have a strict criteria for our Ambassador selection, and we will always consider applications who meet the criteria first. Unfortunately we are unable to offer Ambassador roles to riders under 17 years of age on the 1st January of the year that we would award the role for child protection and safety reasons.
Thank you for your understanding.